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We offer professional bats control for residential and commercial clients in Nairobi Kenya. We are the leading and most trusted service provider, guaranteed with safe removal. Conpest fumigation services provides a total in extermination Nairobi and its environs.

Bats are nocturnal flying mammals that leave their perch areas to feed and then get back to sleep. Most species are common during warmer season and hibernate during cold seasons.

Bats can pose a serious threat of health if they are found inside the houses. The fungi found in their droppings cause lung diseases. Conpest fumigation services Ltd professionally clears the droppings, disinfects and removes due to the vulnerability of the inhabitants of the households.

Bats have some colonies which are infested with rabies and may not show symptoms at all. Rabies can be transmitted through body tissues or any contact with saliva from the bats on any animal. For that reason we do advise that it’s important to seek medical attention if in any chance one must have had contact with the bat infested area.

Bat infestation usually calls for households to choose for their houses to be controlled the infestation gets out of hand. Bats should be controlled without harming them because we value their environmental sustainability and maintenance.

Conpest fumigation services Limited customizes all the infested households and human structures with great bat and human structures with great bat elimination services both in and out of the building.

We value our customer satisfaction therefore we do what it takes to professionally eradicate the pest from the premises completely.