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This happens if you have spot any pest may it be bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, bats or termites you need to contact our professional pest control experts to prevent any future infestation.
Our company uses approved products which are licensed and are human friendly they will not harm your family or pets.
Yes if you have a pest problem we will provide the necessary solutions our team will also inquire for how long Have you noticed the pest
Before we treat your premises will require you to switch all electronic appliances cover all food stuffs so as they do not get into contact with the medicine
After a fumigation process we advise our clients to be out of the house for not less than 5 hours this is to allow the medicine to take effect and also for the odor to clear up.
Our technical team is license, insured, trained, certified and qualified to carry out pest control and fumigation services
Our chemicals are of a low toxic nature and evaporate once sprayed leaving no odour which clears up once you open the windows
To all our clients in residential and commercial properties we do issues a guarantee for our services and provide a free follow up after a treatment has been done
We advise our clients all over Kenya that fumigation should be done even when you have not spotted a single pest this are preventive measures and can be done quarterly that is four times in an year depending with the type of pest and level of infestation
As soon as we schedule you in our system we can send our technicians to determine your level of infestation and conduct a fumigation treatment
This depends with the level of infestation and size of premises.
We advise all our clients to have their house fumigated before they enter to prevent any pest from recurring
Usually one pest control expert is sent to your residence depending on your pest or level of infestation
The service will depend with the type of pest and level of infestation
ost of the chemicals and products are not available to the general public
We use pesticides which are less toxic and are of minimum risk to people our Nairobi pest control technician will give all the information you need
That depends on the treatment and location they will be some kind of arrangement to let the exterminators inside the premises

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