Your first thought when you see roaches in house is how to get rid of roaches forever and ever! The roach pest infestation can be the scariest thing happening to any house.

The roach pest infestation is a sign of level of unsanitary conditions and dirt, and it causes unpleasant impressions of the premises. After all, you must admit that it does not matter how beautiful and clean the kitchen is, the creeping cockroach immediately changes the impression from what you see and signals you on roach problems in the house. But no one is immune to the roach infestation.

How to imply the roach control and prevent their appearance? How to get rid of roaches effective and safe for your household? What can you do in case of roach infestation? To answer these questions, you should know the specifics of roach lives, what they like, and what they are afraid of.

Cockroaches by nature they love dirty and damp places. So before you even start of thinking on how to get rid of them, start by tidying up the place. Remove all the clutter. Ensure the trash cans are empty and that your house and its environs are not damp and kept clean at all times.

Best Ways How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in

Cover the water and drain your sinks and cover all the water cans to avoid all access

Baking soda control. Mix well and once they consume it, they will die.

Peppermint oil. Mix it with water and spray the cockroaches infested areas consistently.

Detergent. Mix washing detergent with water and spray the infested areas.

Cucumber. Cockroaches hate cucumber. Cut cucumbers into small pieces and spread them where the cockroaches hide.

But keep in mind these are all but to help control before you call a professional.

What causes cockroaches to appear in your house?

Unsanitary conditions in the house or apartment, a lot of cracks and rubbish.

Free access to food and water. Food remains, dirty dishes, and improper storage of food will attract roaches.

Poor housing conditions in neighboring apartments will lead to the fact that cockroaches will crawl into your home.

These pest can be brought with clothes and furniture.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast?

If you eliminate their causes and proceed to get rid of roaches through the collaborative efforts with your neighbors, you can succeed.

In apartment buildings, roaches often live in basements. This is a favorable environment for them: basements are usually warm, damp, dirty, and there is a lot of garbage. Under such conditions, roaches multiply very quickly which leads to roach infestation of premises. Cockroaches may leave basements and invade apartments, using ventilation systems. That is why professional disinfection of basements and simultaneous pest control in all apartments are required. Otherwise, the result cannot be achieved: cockroaches will migrate from one apartment to another as the required measures are taken.

How to get rid of roaches?

Beginning the fight against the roaches, you must take into account that much easier and faster is to get rid of cockroaches in a private house. As for apartment buildings, here getting rid of roaches can turn into a real prolonged war if not handled professionally.

To get rid of roaches, you should combine chemical, mechanical, folk and professional methods.

Cockroach Control Chemical methods

Chemical measures are associated with the use of roach poison substances and insecticides. Roach chemicals effectively destroy these insects but have several disadvantages:

  • cockroaches build up a tolerance to any kind of roach killer and become immune to them.
  • cockroaches can hide and wait until the poison in a roach killer is inactive.
  • roach chemicals make your apartment smell unpleasant.
  • poisonous substances of a roach killer can be harmful to human and animal health.
  • the use of roach chemicals affects allergy sufferers.
  • When using roach chemicals, you should leave the room and then ventilate it.




This roach chemicals product is ready for use. You do not need to dilute it. It is easy to use: apply drops of a roach poison along the skirting boards of the room (at a distance of 10 cm from each other according to the instructions). Gels are active for 7 days. But still remains to be most effective, widespread and inexpensive roach killer


Traps are round boxes with several entrances. There is roach killer poison inside it. It attracts cockroaches with its smell. The insects carry this roach poison into their nests, infecting other individuals. The cockroach traps should be put into those places where the insects are known to gather. The best roach traps are active from 2 weeks to 3 months. There are up to 6 traps in one package, and they are quite expensive.


Houses are cardboard boxes, the walls of which are greased with

How to get rid of cockroaches in Kenya how to get rid of cockroaches in Kenya

Tangle foot. Sweet-smelling roach poison attracts these insects. They crawl inside and get stuck. The product is considered to be safe for humans and animals. But nevertheless, you should put roaches trap somewhere your pets cannot get the poison and lick it.


Chalk getting rid of cockroaches’ toxic agent is active within a month. Skirting boards, cracks, and water access points should be traced with the chalk. This product destroys cockroaches, and it is cheap. The instructions say that the chalk is safe for animals. But nevertheless it should be used carefully if you have pets.

Chalk is quite an effective tool in fighting cockroaches, but it’s also the most dangerous one and must never be used nearby food. If you still decide to use chalk after our warnings, please be careful.

No matter what chalk you use, they all work more or less the same

Cockroaches control services Kenya cockroaches control services Kenya

You mark all the cracks in your walls and pipes and any other places you suspect of being cockroach entrance points. It looks like regular chalk marks but contains toxic ingredients that have a prolonged effect and can kill a roach within a couple of days. The toxic impact stays within a month after you put it.

Chalk can significantly reduce cockroach infestation level and is advised for severe cases. Still, if you have pets, try to minimize its use. You may endanger them.

Roach spray

Roach spray is the most common product in the fight against cockroaches. Disinfect with the best roach spray the areas where cockroaches are known to gather in your apartment: skirting boards, cracks, jambs, and window frames. The roach spray is inexpensive, it works quickly and effectively.

The disadvantages of using a roach spray are: a pungent smell. Besides, aerosols are sprayed quickly, and you may inhale toxic substances.


Fogger, i.e. dry fog: an expensive but effective means to get rid of roaches in any premises. The operating principle of the product is based on the transformation of the roach poison into dry fog with very small particles (less than 15 microns). These roach killer active components penetrate into any openings and cracks, where other products cannot percolate. You can use dry fog to get rid of cockroaches in warehouses, workshops, offices, and apartments.

Cockroaches, advantages of this kind of roach poison are:

  • it kills adults, larvae, and ovipositors.
  • its micro particles do not leave marks after drying.
  • it is active from 40 to 60 days.
  • a small amount of the product is used.
  • you do not need to move furniture and look into every crack.
  • the particles of this roach poison settle even on the ceiling and walls, which cannot be achieved in a different way.

Cockroaches can be disturbing to find in your home, which is bad enough, but they are also known to contribute to carry a number of diseases, which is why getting a professional roach control and removal specialist is so important. Cockroaches are filthy insects with bad habits you do not want around your home or food prep areas. Controlling roaches is important because they can help spread disease and dirt around a home and cause businesses to lose their reputation or even be shut down by regulator


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