Ants Control Services Nairobi Kenya

Conpest Fumigation services Limited is the leading pest control/fumigation services provider against ants in Nairobi Kenya. For assured service provision against ants call us .We offer professional and well organized extermination to the ants infested areas.

Ants are a nuisance when they invade your household’s structures mostly wooden areas. They require general elimination, an earlier preparation is required in the house majorly in the kitchen areas mostly because the food dropping and the weak rotten wooden carvings.

There are so many species all over the world, mainly in Nairobi Kenya we have two types of ants foraging our households:

Garden Ants-They are attract to sweet foods and leave trails back to their nest for other ants to follow to the food source and increase the infestation.

Pharaoh Ants-They originate mainly in the tropics and require artificial heat to survive and reproduce and mostly tend to live in huge buildings such as hospitals, hotels and big flats. Mostly they feed on food stuff and germs.

It’s advisable to control ants by eradicating them you leave everything in the house as it is so that most of their nest are not destroyed or make them infest another part of the house in the process, we require our clients to contacts as early as they notice any infestation in the building.

We require the households to remain untouched so that the nest are set up and eradicated from the queen to all the other ant colonies. We offer professional pest control services with our well trained and equipped technicians with the right pesticide.

Conpest Fumigation services understands the routine of each species and also have a range of powerful pesticides to deal with  the pest and come up  with a solution to fully eradicate and prevent any further infestation.

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