Bees Control Services Nairobi Kenya

Bees are beneficial for commercial purposes and an important part of our ecological system, therefore we offer professional services to eliminate them. We determine and identify whether actually the infestation is high or low, this is to determine how to eliminate the whole nest without causing harm to the households.
Bees in the established nest require dire desire for extermination before they cause serious destruction to the client’s premises. We do advise that however small the infestation, it is very important to eradicate the infestation before it gets out of hand.
Bees have special timing for elimination mostly in the evening, this is to allow for the inhabitants to be safe from being bit and control the infestation. Bees once removed the colonies honey combs remain intact on site without the bees, to provide cooling and liquefies and honey runs the walls. Molds soon form on this sticky and messy structure. The nest decays and eventually dries up, which can attract other colonies therefore we destroy all the structures.
The additional work is required to eliminate the honey comb so that other pest may not use the nest as an infestation site and create another havoc to the inhabitants.

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