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Cockroach Control Nairobi/Nairobi Cockroaches Control In Kenya

We are Kenya’s leading cockroach control services and are the approved roaches extermination services, roaches eradication, cockroach elimination and leading cockroach solution in Nairobi Kenya.

Conpest pest control also provides our guaranteed cockroach control services, cockroach extermination services, cockroach elimination services and are proud to cover cockroach control services in Mombasa, cockroaches control services in Nairobi.

Cockroaches can bring havoc in your home and are a nuisance pest to have both in your commercial or residential properties we do cockroaches control, cockroaches extermination, cockroaches elimination, cockroaches eradication, in your premises  and this are the assured  measures for pest  control in Nairobi  ,Mombasa and Kisumu .

Roaches are known to carry various diseases this is because they habitat  near waste grounds and are found in the kitchen this is their main breeding grounds  we offer professional cockroach control in residential ,commercial, offices and industries. Our experts advise the clients on how to deal with a cockroach infestation and offer recommendation for all Kenya cockroaches’ extermination solutions

Cockroach Control In Kenya

Roaches control in Kenya is complex this is because of the many occurring roaches’ species which are around. We are the trusted company in Kenya to provide total cockroaches control, fumigation, extermination, and prevention and elimination services for homes.

German Cockroaches.

This roaches are usually indoors and are light brown in color with stripes. Adults have wings and do not fly and prefer to run they live in warm humid areas and infest your kitchen and washrooms they feed on any food available in your home thus enabling them to reproduce   quickly after mating this pest is commonly found in the kitchen, computer, and electronic appliances like micro wave and fridge.

America cockroach

Adults are more than 3 inches long and reddish brown in colure with a yellow band outlined behind their heads. This species are fond to be in great numbers in the kitchen and where food is stored our team of professional cockroaches control experts will solve your problem quickly and effectively both in residential and commercial properties.

Madagascar hissing cockroach

This roaches are also referred to as hissing cockroaches or giant roaches and are 7.5 cm in length and are the largest cockroach species. When disturbed this pest will produces a hissing sound to communicate with the rest of the colonies or to chase away predators we recommend to have an annual pest control program for your home to keep larvae and eggs totally exterminated.

 Expert cockroaches control services in Nairobi

We have many years’ experience in control of cockroaches our experts will detect the slightest problem because we use the latest pest control products in the market to tackle your infestation.

Preparation before a cockroach fumigation

Before a cockroach fumigation process is done in your residential or commercial properties we ask our clients not to move any furniture or house hold items food should be sealed and put at a central location and all electronic appliances should be switched off.

Conpest- Kenya is proud to provide our cockroaches contol services in Karen, Runda, Upperhill, Parklands, Kitusuru, Ruaka ,South C, South B, Embakasi, Kilimani, Lavington, Nairobi west, Kahawa wendani, Utawala, Imara daima, Buruburu, Nyayo estate, Zimmer-man, Kileleshwa, Industrial area, Langata, Sprinvalley, Loresho, Muthaiga and all our technicians are insured and  licensed.

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