How to Start a Successful Moving Company

What Do I Need to Start a Moving Company?

It’s a good time to start a moving services company. The number of individuals and businesses seeking professional relocation services significantly grown over the years. Today, most people are not really hiring a man and lorry or a pickup with “ASK FOR TRANSPORT” signage to help them relocate.

The demand for professional moving services continues to grow. Which offers a promising business investment opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in. The potential in the industry is really great. We have seen a few moving companies which just started small and as a result of offering real quality to clients they have grown to be among the best SMEs around. If you are reading this article, probably you know some of the companies we are talking about. Let’s not mention names.

In this article we seek to provide you with all the information you need to not only to start but also run a successful moving company. We’ve had an opportunity to an opportunity to walk with a few startups including moving companies and we have seen them grow into market leaders. Therefore the information we provide in this article is not theoretical but what has been tested and proved to be working. Let’s dive in:

#1. Identify a Business Name

Reading this probably you already have a name for your company. But just a reminder, simple short names are good for branding purposes. Therefore choose something that identifies with the moving industry yet easy to remember.

When choosing a business name keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a name that appeals not only to you but also to the kind of customers you are trying to attract.
  • Choose a comforting or familiar name that conjures up pleasant memories so customers respond to your business on an emotional level.
  • Don’t pick a name that is long or confusing.
  • Stay away from cute puns that only you understand.

Just look at the kind of names that existing popular companies in your niche have and do the same. After you have the name look for a good logo designer who can create something simple as well as memorable.

Important Tip

It’s not a must for your logo to have a lorry included on it to make it moving company logo. Go for simplicity and creativity.


#2. Create Social Media Accounts

The second to do on the list is to create your social media accounts. Social media presence is very important.  It will allow your new moving company to reach and engage with your target audience in your target locations where you are offering your moving services.  Social media plays a big role in creating brand awareness, leads and sales.

Create moving company Social Media Accounts

You can get recommendations from Facebook which will be very vital reviews for people who are researching moving companies before they settle on one. In as much as the industry is growing, it will be a lie to say that we have any scarcity of moving companies.

And once you have a website, you can drive significant amount of traffic from your social media accounts to your website. Most clients will seek to get more information, and a well-designed website will go a long way to convince them to do business with you.

Important Tip

Ensure to keep your social media accounts active by posting regularly.

When you visit a business page, before you even message them, most often we check on the last post on that page. If the last post was done 3 months ago, it’s very likely to walk away and not do any inquiries. Because you are not sure when someone who updated his page 3 months ago is serious with that business and how long it will take for them to provide a reply.

Check social media accounts for what you consider to be the best performing moving companies are doing and do just the same. But they are not posting regularly that’s a competitive edge for you, utilize it.


#3. Buy and Print Company Uniforms

Do you need uniforms? That’s why you are a professional moving company. And when you turn up the job in the morning, that will be the first thing the client will use to identify you. If you don’t have uniforms, client’s confidence will drop. We have heard of case where the client refuses to let the moving crew in because they don’t have uniforms.

When you call yourself a company, professionalism is demanded from you. Every client will look to get the best value for their hard earned coin. Do you know why they decided to pay a lot of cash to relocated and not use the “ASK FOR TRANSPORT” guys or his relatives? Because they need quality and professionalism. And we don’t have a better way to express this in first impression than your moving team all having uniforms.

Having uniforms will also market your brand. Someone who have seen you move their neighbor may remember you and contact you for your services just because they remember the uniformed team that helped move their neighbor.

Important Tip

Make sure your T-shirts to have Company Name, Phone Number and Website.


#4. Create a Your Moving Company Website

If you want to get the maximum return on your marketing investment, going online is the way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Today 90% of customers search for service providers online. People just Google everything. Therefore the importance of having a moving company website cannot be emphasized enough. The moving industry is different. People don’t move houses as frequently. Therefore relying on return clients can never be an option of you want to stay in operation.

Create a moving company Website

Referrals are very good. But referrals alone cannot be able to keep a business of this nature a float. Also you will only get referrals after a period of providing satisfactory moving services to a very big number of clients. Then a few of them may refer if they hear a friend or family wants to move. But no one will go around telling people about your business even if you offered exceptional services. And that is where a website and SEO comes in.

Find a good web developer to develop your website. Make sure that information is laid out well. Easy for web visitors to navigate and find what they need whenever the land on your website.  The website should provide your audience with; contact information, products and service description, about information about the company, links to your social media pages and easy for the website visitors to email you through contact forms.

Important Tip

Cheap may be very expensive. Therefore do research and settle for realibility.


#5 SEO for Moving Company Website

Maybe you are reading this and you have no idea what SEO means. But I will explain everything. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what does SEO really mean? Say you have a moving company called XYZ and you spend a lot of money on developing a very beautiful website. The reason you created the website is because you want potential clients searching for terms like “Moving companies in Kenya” to find you company website. The new client doesn’t know about you and your company. Therefore they just go to Google and type in the phrase “Moving companies in Kenya”.

SEO for Moving Company Website

Then they search, they will see some results. A list of moving company websites which operate in Kenya. Now for your company to appear to be on that list, your website needs SEO Services. It’s because this websites have been optimized for those keywords that you are able to see them when you search for terms related to moving companies.

Therefore SEO is a service that helps your websites to be easily found online by customers who initially didn’t know about existence your business. Having a website without SEO is like having a car without fuel. It will never move. You will never see your website bring you more leads and sales if it has not been optimized.

Important Tip

When hiring a web developer it will be good to hire someone or a company with SEO skills and have some of their previous websites ranking on the first page of Google. Don’t be shy, ask for sample websites with SEO.


#6. Deliver Quality Moving Services

In this article we are talking about achieving success. We don’t want you to be another statistics of failed businesses. And this cuts across all industries, doesn’t matter the kind of business you are doing. Deliver quality. The few clients you are getting, make sure they will think of your company again the next time the think about moving. Even if they will not refer you. But it’s very likely you will get a good number of clients from referrals if you do a good job.

Don’t be just in business for money but deliver real value. Go beyond and above the expectations of the clients. Let the client rejoice that he found you. And that he hired you to relocate them to their new location.

People don’t seek cheap but quality. We all know about the two local mobile service providers. One with expensive rates but performing way much better because of superior network coverage. Again I will not mention names here.

Once you accept to work make sure you deliver quality nothing less, no excuses.


#7. How Much Does it Cost to Start a Moving Company

Here comes the questions most of you have. How much will it cost me to start a moving company? You don’t need a lorry at the very beginning. You can hire as you work on getting one soon.

Item Description Cost (KSH)
Business name registration 950
Uniforms (can start with 10 T-shirts) 9, 0000
Packing materials (Reusable boxes, wrappers, films etc 10, 000
Social media accounts 0
Website Development (varies depending on provider) 30, 000
SEO (varies depending on provider) 30, 000
TOTAL COST 79, 950



You can start with basics and develop a website later. That will cost around 19, 950. But if you are in position to develop the website you can ask for a payment plan from your developer that that they can start working on the SEO since it takes a minimum of 4 – 6 months to start working. In short by all means get started.

Important Tip

If you have a website. You can use Google Ads to get quick clients at the beginning since SEO takes time. This can cost you as little as KSH. 5000/month depending on the amount you bid for each click.


#8 How to Calculate Moving Cost and How Do You Charge for Moving Services

Here is a list of factors to consider when charging a client:

  • Distance involved. Depending on whether you are moving locally or long distance.
  • The number size of house or office
  • The number of employees required to facilitate the move
  • The cost of the truck
  • The cost of packing materials
  • Additional services requested by the client such as TV mounting and cleaning
  • The type of the move; international, local, office or house move.

Important Tip

Don’t charge cheap and compromise on the quality of service. It will cost you many more clients in future. If you decide to take the job, deliver quality. Just because you are cheap doesn’t mean the client will settle on you. Therefore balance.


Thank you so much for reading through this article. Kindly let us know in the comment section what you think of this article, was helpful to you? You can as well add what you think we left out in the comment section. We wish you success in as you start a moving company

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Speak soon. Good luck.